Community Sponsors

Congregations and organizations welcoming and walking with our new neighbors
Community Sponsors share their hearts by assisting refugees as they resettle into the rhythms of being San Antonians. Together, we'll build relationships and utilize local resource networks to help our new neighbors adjust to their new home.

Community Sponsor Phase I

Phase I is taking place now as congregations/organizations are securing items to furnish Afghan families' apartments through the Center for Refugee Services. For congregations/organizations who want to develop relationships with the families they will serve, we are developing a targeted cross-cultural training opportunity to help create smoother communication and understanding.

Community Sponsor Phase II

SA Community Sponsors will work as partner groups (one Muslim congregation/organization paired with one non-Muslim congregation/organization) to welcome our new neighbors by providing a broad-based foundation while offering the comfort of a religious/cultural touchpoint.
Community sponsors will work with local resettlement agencies to help those making their home here with logistical matters – like assisting with furnishing and initial housing, connecting them with local services, learning to shop in American stores, accessing medical care, and showing them all of the things that make San Antonio so special.
What's more, as partners the Community Sponsors may host events like job fairs and soccer games to meet needs and develop friendships.

Contact Us

If interested in developing a Community Sponsor Partner team, please contact one of the Community Sponsor Initiative Co-Leaders below.